Yehya and Roba, 30 and 31 years old, are from Syria. They’ve been here for five months and are waiting for their asylum procedure to begin. They got married the day before they left their motherland and everything that was dear to them. Their wedding boat was a rubber raft, the journey full of danger. They tried to remain cheerful during the scariest moments – which they will never forget. In the lecture hall at the University of Amsterdam, Roba says, “Life is frozen in Syria, there is nothing there anymore: no safety, no food, no work, no school, nothing.” Yehya adds, “Everyone who’s fighting is losing this war. It must stop!” They take each other’s hand. Here in The Netherlands they’re focusing on study and work. They want to move forward. They’re optimistic and enjoy the support of a group of Dutch people who have become their friends.

Directed by Jet Homoet
Introduced by Nasrdin Dchar