Osman, 32 years old, is from Somalia. He’s been in The Netherlands for twelve years. He has been denied asylum. The civil war in Somalia has taken its toll on Osman. After his parents and the grandmother who raised him were murdered, he was abducted by the terrorist movement El Shabab. He fled to The Netherlands in 2004, without identity papers; Somalia has no functioning bureaucracy to issue papers. The Dutch immigration service wouldn’t accept his story. He tried his luck in Sweden, but was sent back to The Netherlands. The Dutch authorities maintain their refusal to grant him asylum. Oman has been in The Netherlands for twelve years now, undocumented, without perspective, but with an iron will to give meaning to his life. He is a spokesperson for We Are Here, a group of denied asylum seekers. The film is a poetic portrait of a person forced “to do nothing,” because he’s not allowed to work or study.

Directed by Biserka Šuran
Introduced by Jules Deelder