Maryama, 22 years old, is from southern Somalia. She’s been in The Netherlands for five years. She has been denied asylum. The leader of the southern Somali terrorist movement Al Shabab wanted to marry the sixteen-year-old Maryama. Her father objected and paid for his resistance with death. Maryama fled to The Netherlands. Without papers, because there hadn’t been a government to issue papers in southern Somalia for a quarter of a century. Once in The Netherlands she was denied asylum because the immigration service didn’t believe she was from southern Somalia. She can’t stay here, and can’t return, because that would be too dangerous. An intelligent young woman whose life has come to a standstill because she’s not allowed to study or work. She’s a spokesperson for We Are Here, a group of denied asylum seekers.

Directed by Barbara den Uyl
Introduced by Hanneke Groenteman